Resources to Setup CI and CD pipeline.

what we need for start:

• Free Tier AWS account.
• GitHub account (for source code and documentation).
• MobaXterm – enhanced terminal for windows with X11 Server tabbed SSH clients, network tool and much more.
• Git – local version control system.

Setup Jenkins Server

1. Setup a Linux EC2 instance
2. Install Java
3. Install Jenkins
4. Start Jenkins
5. Access Web UI on port 8080

Setup a Linux EC2 instance

connect to instance

next step:

Official website: –

Installation of Java

check instalation – java — version

edit inbound rule access web ui on port 8080

start jenkins :

Jenkins Start

service jenkins status

service Jenkins start

in browser – set vm ip and port 8080

set the key in jenkins

  • As prompted, enter the password found in /var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword.
    • Use the following command to display this password:[ec2-user ~]$ sudo cat /var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword

install Jenkins in web

admin amd password and finish

Run First Jenkins Job:

connecting Jenkins to git rep ( GitHub) check if the plugin ware installed auto before you start

if you getting this error you need to install on the Jenkins server – git and than try again

#create py script :

#create Jenkins file

#Create Docker File

#on the EC2 instance create a new directory and clone the repo from git in the directory

#install on the ec2 docker

systemctl start docker

#and run the docker file

#run the docker container and see the result

docker run –name python-devOps 643dc76bc947

Great, it is work!

But we have a typo so we can just do a full CI CD process to see that we fix it 🙂

now let’s build the pipeline

#first, we will go to the ec2 instance and set this command

sudo usermod -aG docker jenkins & sudo systemctl restart jenkins

and we need to install 2 plugins :

1.CloudBees Docker Build and Publish


  • Points to take into consideration:
  • Storage – set new rep from the network for Jenkins for all data will be able to update and backup the instance (ec2) or the docker
  • Security –
    • git – set repo as private and use ssh key/ cert
    • create FW rule out\in access from ip \ port \ protocol
  • Maintainability –

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